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Businesses the world over are transforming themselves in a bid to achieving customer intimacy by hitting all the levers that technology offers today. Global surveys point to the fact that more than 80% of IT-investment for the 2-year period ending Dec-2014, will be in the "big 4" of technologies, namely Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Social. But in contrast, the preparedness levels of organizations to deploy the same is just about 10% across the big 4 and no more than 25% in any one of them, viewed in isolation. While this is a big challenge to the industry it is a huge opportunity for the academia.

AICTE and IBM Academic Initiative are launching a series of contests to help students take advantage of this opportunity. The Great Mind Challenge 2013 is based exclusively on the 1st of the Big4, namely, Mobility. Scheduled to launch on 15th October, the contest offers students of any AICTE approved engineering college the chance to learn about Mobility from a repository of self-learning assets and provides them with the software tools free of cost to work on and build mobile applications under the able mentorship of experts from IBM Software Labs and the software industry at large.

As a part of this initiative, there are at least 100 internships being offered across the software industry country-wide.

This is expected to instil the confidence in students on the possible acceptability of these projects as their academic projects and at the same time will prepare them for a career in the software industry.
















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